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D/Hr Haven

Theme-Sorted Draco/Hermione Fic Recs

Theme-sorted Draco/Hermione Fic Recs
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1 - Make SURE the story you're about to recommend is NOT ON THE ARCHIVE *points up to the LJ-SEEK.COM BAR* use this little puppy to check if the story has already been recomended (type in the story title and choose "my journal' from the drop down menu).

2 - Please use the following template when recommending:






3 - Make sure ALL fields are filled in before submitting the story. Your thoughts on the story are very important. Why do you recomend this fic? What was your favorite part? Quotes and such are very welcome.

4 - Make sure to apply tags. After you post your story, click the 'edit tags' button under your entry and apply all appropriate tags.


6 - NO ICON/WALLPAPER/REQUEST/CAN'T FIND FIC - related posts please.
This is a fanfiction ONLY website. Please help keep it that way.

Categories explained:

au office/coworkers - anything that has to do with alternate universe/post-Howgrats where Draco and/or Hermione work at the office, school or other. They might be coworkers, professors, bussiness owners or associates.

babies - babies! Any age, any circumstances.

ball/dance/dinner parties - this category features stories that evolve around school dances, balls and/or any other formal events. Post-Howgrats formal events included (bussiness parties/christmas parties etc.)

blackmail - stories where Draco and/or Hermione are being blackmailed either by the other or third party.

broken draco -anything that features Draco broken due to tragic events. Usualy pairs up with Dark!Draco. This one definitely features some dark fics. You have been warned.

broken hermione - see above, but with Hermione.

character-death - anything that features main character death (one or both).

christmas-fic - fics featuring christmas theme: mistletoes, christmas gifts, christmas parties/balls, secret santas, etc.

dares/bets/deals - anything that has to do with a dare, bet or a deal made by Draco and/or Hermione.

dark/bastard!draco - stories under this category feature a Dark/Evil/Plotting Draco.

dark/bitch!hermione - see above, but featuring Hermione.

detention - anything to do with detention served by both or one.

draco falls for hermione - this theme feature stories where Draco is the one to fall for Hermione first, while Hermione still hates his guts. This usually goes with hate-turns-love category, but sometimes with unrequited-love category.

draco in muggle world - basically what it says: Draco in Muggle World. Anything that features Draco in Hermione's world.

forced/voluntary living space sharing - this category is for all stories, where Draco and Hermione share a living space, either voluntary or by being forced/asked to. It's different from 'imprisonment' because nor Draco or Hermione are prisoners. They can leave at any given moment.

hate-turns-love/like/other -this category is for stories where hate turns into something... other than hate. Basically, they hate each others guts at the begining but later the hate turns into someting more tollerable, for the lack of the better word.

head boy/head girl - my favorite category. Anything that features Hermione and/or Draco as a Head Boy and Head Girl. Stories under this category can have just one person as a Head Boy/Girl or both of them might be is at the same time.
You know the story: Head Boy/Head Girl sharing living quarters, patroling together, etc. This is the place to find it.

hermione falls for draco - same as 'Draco falls for Hermione' just the other way. Hermione is in love up to her eyeballs but Draco still sees her as a 'filthy little mudblood'.

jealousy - stories that feature Draco or Hermione jealous of the other (or a third party, but with a shippy Hr/D ending)

kidnapping/imprisonment - anything that features kidnapped/imprisoned Hermione and/or Draco. Could be'Draco-kidnaps-Hermione', 'someone elese-kidnaps-Hermione-for-Draco', 'both-kidnapped', 'Draco-in-prison', 'Hermione-in-prison'.

marriage/marriage law - Stories that feature the two married. Happy, sappy or angsty.
Also, stories that feature Hermione and Draco binded by marriage law (will be noted as 'marriage law' in the notes).
Also, either Draco or Hermione can be binded by marriage law to someone else than each other (but must end with a shippy D/Hr).

novel-length - stories featured here are longer than 10 chapters. Those fics usualy take more than a day to read.

one-shot - single-chapter stories for a quick Draco/Hermione fix.

plotting!draco - same as plotting!hermione (see below), but Draco-featured. Light, wicked evil-in-the-humorous-way Draco plotting.

plotting!hermione - stories that feature Hermione plotting/scheming. This category is an alternate version of Dark!Hermione, and it is to be taken lightly and with a dose of humor. Plotting!Hermione is wicked and almost slythering-like, not evil or dark.

post-hogwarts - just what it says. Stories happening post-Hogwarts. No school. Unless Hermione and/or Draco are teachers.

pranks/jokes/humiliation - humorous category that has to do anything with pranks, jokes and other funny stunts being played at each other. Also, humiliation-featuring stories that have both or either one humiliated/embarrassed.

pregnancy - stories in which Hermione is pregnant, either by Draco or someone else. Also featured: giving birth.

prophecy - stories that feature a prophecy involving Draco and/or Hermione.

quidditch - features stories that revolve around/feature/mention Quidditch. Also, action taking place in the Quidditch field/stands/changing rooms.
This category is a guilty pleasure of mine, because I love anything that has a hot, sweaty Draco in uniform.

rituals/school traditions/initiations - Anything to do with rituals (religious or magical), school traditions, rites-of-passage, initiations involving Draco and/or Hermione.

school project/research/library - another wide category. This one features stories that center around a school project done together or separately, being assigned together for some reason, research done together and stories taking place in a library.

seduction - stories that center around either Draco or Hermione using an art of seduction to lure the other. Will often go with plotting!hermione or plotting!draco, but not necessarily.

short/medium-story - any story that is less than 10 chapters long and takes no more than a day to finish reading.

stuck in elevator/class/other/together - Draco and Hermione are stuck together in and elevator, some part of school, woods. Also, physically binded together (by ropes/magic).

threesome/love-triangle - this category is a guilty pleasure of mine. Stories featured here center around a three-way sex (read: hot NC-17 stuff). Also, on a more PG note, a love-triangle stories are featured here too.

time travel - anything that features Draco and/or Hermione going bak in time. Simple.

unrequited love - I think this is a fairly known concept. "Unrequited Love". Love that is not returned by other person. Platonic love. One-sided love.

valentine-fic - Valentine's Day stories. Hearts, kisses and secret admirers.

war fic - stories that feature/are centered around a War Against Voldemort. Also, post-war fics are stored here (Those are marked: post-war in the summary)